13th October 2012 Akwakat


The Akwakat uses your existing MTB frame to provide the motive power for your new off-road cycling adventure. This is the human powered boat you’ve always dreamed about. So off-road that its actually on-water!

AkwakatTwo heavy duty inflatable pontoons are fixed to a specially designed frame onto which you mount your MTB. Our ingenious rudder assembly means where ever you point the Akwakat – it goes, and because the drive train does not use the derailleur you can achieve full forward and reverse momentum unlike many human powered boats and waterbikes.

None of your bikes expensive components even go near the water, in fact it only gets about as wet as riding on a damp road.

Akwakat was recently tested in a 25km kayak race against 300 kayaks and two other brands of waterbikes – the Akwakat finished over 45 minutes ahead of the other waterbikes and in a very respectable position amongst the kayaks!

Akwa Leisure make full use of long lasting materials.  The entire frame construction is of moulded plastics and stainless steel.

With only the propeller, propeller shaft, and shaft guide in the water,  minimum drag allows you to achieving great speeds.

Designed and made in New Zealand the Akwakat has been through a rigorous development process and due to become the next truly off-road cycling sensation!

Akwakats in a bagYour Akwakat will come in its own bag and include everything apart from the bike and the destination to begin your adventure.

Also included are full assembly instructions, a paddle (just in case of emergency), and a pump to inflate the pontoons.

Assembling your Akwakat is fast – probably a bit longer the first time but in at least 10 minutes once you have the hang of it, and because it weighs less than 14kg its easy to transport and no problem to store!

Consider the advantages:

  • Forward and reverse momentum through the use of an ingenius gearbox assembly
  • Low centre of gravity provides more stability and is acheived by removing the cycle’s wheels
  • Heavy duty inflatable pontoons are built to take the knocks with specially fitted wear pads
  • Rigid components are either hard wearing polymer construction or stainless steel for long life

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