30th July 2013 Blizzard Survival Equipment

Blizzard Survival Equipment

20% off The Ultimate Lightweight Thermal Outdoor Protection.

While at the All Wales Boat Show I met the folks from Blizzard Survival. They had on display their Active Range. The Ultimate in Lightweight Thermal Protection.

A space blanket has a tog rating of 1.6. The Reflexcell material used to make the Blizzard Range has a Tog Rating of 6.0. MMMMM thats quite a difference.

I normally carry 5 foil blankets in my first aid kit when I’m outdoor guiding. The Blizzard products are smaller, warmer and tougher than what I carry now.

The British Army and Royal Marines, The US Army and special forces medics, RAF pilot survival kits, RAF Search and Rescue, most mountain rescue teams and emergency teams across the UK carry reflexcell products.

Green Dragon Activities have changed their Survival kit to Blizzard Survival.

As part of the show Jackie from Blizzard has arranged a 20% discount for YOU on their products. Just put this code in when you order, GDA13 to get 20% off your order.

In a few short years, Blizzard has progressed from a small-scale manufacturer of outdoor thermal survival products, to its current status as the market leader in its field.

The range has expanded and they now sell thermal protective products to users in the military, the emergency services, the emergency preparedness agencies and disaster relief as well as the original outdoor market. The best think is that they don’t cost the earth.

The globally-respected authority on trauma medicine, the USA’s National Association of Energy Medical Technicians recommends the widespread use of Reflexcell™ products, and they are now the technology of choice of Military medics throughout the world.

Blizzard products represent a quanturn leap in the way both civilian and military trauma cases should be treated and Blizzard’s unique Reflexcell™ material is incorporated into all Blizzard Survival products in military, medical, emergency preparedness and outdoor applications globally.

The company is based in Bethesda, North Wales, on the edge of the Snowdonia National Park; a mountainous region that offers truly challenging weather conditions and proving-ground. Research and Development and all manufacturing is centered at this location.

Made from ultra light 2 layer Reflexcell

Active Range is light weight, compact and perfect for carrying in a rucksack and a must have for any emergency kit.

It is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts such as walkers, hikers, hill climbers, cyclists, water sports participants and is perfect for carrying in your rucksack, on your boat or in your car.

100% windproof and waterproof and is an effective tool in the prevention of hypothermia.

The Blizzard Active Range is Instructor approved by Glenmore Lodge in Scotland.