19th June 2019 Pugil SUP on Bala Lake, North Wales

SUP Jousting

The most fun you can have on a Stand Up Paddleboard! Pugil SUP, test your strength and balance against your opponent. Last person standing wins the round. Ideal as part of the Green Dragon Activities fun water Activities package or we can fit the Pugil SUP in to a SUP Lesson Session as well to […]

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19th June 2019 World Bathtubbing

World Bathtubbing

Green Dragon Activities flagship activity. Something for those that like to be ‘just a little bit different’. Bathtubbing is a fun Quirky Outdoor water activity for the light-hearted dare devil in us all. The thrill of the fear of getting wet in this responsive craft. One wrong move and you sink gracefully to a watery […]

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19th June 2019 Green Dragon SUP School -North Wales

Green Dragon SUP School -North Wales

We offer a series of lessons and taster sessions Beginners lesson 2 hr We will inform you about your equipment, Instruct you how to hold and use the paddle correctly. Prone and kneeling paddling positions and how to paddle in these. We progressing on to standing on the boards, we move onto more advanced paddle […]

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