20th April 2014 Bathtub or Billion Buck Bond Boat ??

Bathtub or Billion Buck Bond Boat ??

Last Years All Wales Boat Show was a big success in many ways.  Green Dragon Activities proved that you don’t have to have a Billion Buck Bond Boat to float the crowds Boat. They used recycled Bathtubs to woo the crowds.  Kids loved the Green Dragon Activities concept of ” if it floats, paddle it […]

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15th April 2014 Heart Of Adventure

Heart Of Adventure

Having now moved and settled on the Northern Shores of North Wales. The Mighty Northern Welsh Mountains to our back and the Sea to our face. The Heart of Adventure is all around us. The Sea, Mountains, Cliffs, Forests, Streams,Rivers allure and Adventure awaits. Search out your next adventure In North Wales.

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28th November 2013 Llanwrtyd Wells Station

The Journey Begins.

The Train slipped away into the dawn early heading south skirting my Cambrian Mountain home. The Heart of Wales line swiftly carried me away from Llanwrtyd Wells the Home of Bog Snorkelling and while it was soon a distant place, it will always be very close to hand and heart. My first real Train journey […]

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25th November 2013 SUPreme Adventure 2014

SUPreme Adventure 2014

This time tomorrow I’ll not be here. I’ll be exactly where I am, Not early, nor Late. I’ll arrive when I get there and I’ll leave when the moment is past. I’ll have with me whats needed, and I’ll do what I have to. I will travel to the other side of the world, to […]

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30th July 2013 Blizzard Survival Equipment

Blizzard Survival Equipment

20% off The Ultimate Lightweight Thermal Outdoor Protection. While at the All Wales Boat Show I met the folks from Blizzard Survival. They had on display their Active Range. The Ultimate in Lightweight Thermal Protection. A space blanket has a tog rating of 1.6. The Reflexcell material used to make the Blizzard Range has a Tog Rating […]

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22nd October 2012 The Highlights of our Year – 2013

The Highlights of our Year – 2013

Well the year is drawing to an end and 2014 is just around the corner.  A time to reflect on what we have done and achieved this year. Our World Bathtubbing Championships had 4 events this year, Round 1. Christchurch, New Zealand.  Round 2. South Cerney, Gloucestshire Photos. Round 3. All Wales Boat Show, Conway, […]

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