4th July 2013 In search of Llyr

In search of Llyr

The vast upland green desert moors, of the Northern Cambrian mountains giving birth to the Water Nymphs Hafren,  Gwy  and Rheidol.  While, to the south the water nymphs of the Ystwyth, Teifi  and Tywi arose.

And so it was that 3 in the North and 3 in the South, All daughters of  Llyr sprung up.  Longing to see their father, they met on their misty covered Pumlumon home, the middle land of the Welsh Celts. To decide how best to seek their fathers home.

Hafren a brave curious land lover choose a meandering route far into the Saxon grounds to the east and south, while Gwy struck forth piecing the Northern Cambrians and across the foothills to meet her sister Hafren by the Sea.  Rheidol chose a no less perilous more direct westerly path from her Pumlumon home.

To the south the water goddesses of the Ystwyth, Teifi and Tywi choose routes to rival that of their northern cousins.  Tywi, snaking her way down the soil rich valley of Carmarthenshire. Ystwyth,  Carving a deep gorge with mighty sides in her exit from their mineral rich Cambrian Mountain home. Teifi, choosing a longest route, through a most beautiful valley to her father’s home.


A tale of a river journey,  of many reasons.

Of Water Nymphs to find their father,

Of people to find their past, and to explore their nautical history.