Aloha SUP 106


Our go to ISUP on a budget… But a decent sturdy construction suitable for an all round family board… Constructed in a drop stitch light technology, its a durable and stiff board suitable for riders up to 120kg Come complete with a no frills Aloha carry case, pump, leash, repair kit and instructions…



Aloha SUP project 11’4 is the Touring utility SUP ,a versatile performance allrounder for the aspiring adventure paddler . This Swiss army knife of SUPS slightly narrower and pointy outline  gives it great directional stability combined with effortless glide. Easily suitable for first time paddlers and enthusiasts, it eats up distance for breakfast. It’s unique Drop Stitch Light (DSL) technology incorporates a  high tensile inner Stitch with Military grade outer fused PVC . Not only is it Light and super stiff ,  it also has the added benefit of rolling up small and compact.