Hey Dude Shoes – Mistral Ladies Size 5


The Mistral Ladies’ Rose is a stylish sneaker to wear in any environment from the seaside, on board your floating getaway or for your next urban adventure. Features a soak-away sole unit with added grip inserts for secure footing combined with a quick-dry mesh upper, giving enhanced aeration and breathability.



Mistral Ladies Rose Airflow Trainer

A lightweight, quick drying, material-lined insole allows the shoe to get wet but maintains internal grip with any water quickly flowing away and out through the soak-away sole. It also allows more air to flow around the foot during the height of summer.

The Dude Shoes design philosophy combines Italian shoe style and revolutionary sole technology to create the funkiest, comfiest shoes, straight out of the box.

Size: 5

Material: Textile

Sole unit: Amphibious

Weight: 185grms


  • Sports fit with elastic/rubber support cage
  • Quick-drying, breathable mesh upper
  • Soak-away sole unit
  • Air-cooled, quick-dry insole
  • Machine washable cold