25th November 2013 SUPreme Adventure 2014

SUPreme Adventure 2014

DSCF0250-600x800This time tomorrow I’ll not be here. I’ll be exactly where I am, Not early, nor Late. I’ll arrive when I get there and I’ll leave when the moment is past. I’ll have with me whats needed, and I’ll do what I have to.

I will travel to the other side of the world, to New Zealand my true home in search of SUPreme Adventure, to match my present Welsh Cambrain Mountain Adventures.

Some have asked how I’m going to get my Red Paddle Co 12′ 6″ Explorer board on the train, plane or on  my car journeys.  I smile and say, “I’ll roll it up and put it in its ruck sack”. Not many realise that the Board I use, is inflatable!!

Tough, rugged, dependable, and fits in a bag that goes on your back, has wheels on the bottom like your suitcase to aid its travel. A go anywhere you like SUP, that goes where you go, does what you do, when you do and how want to do it.

After all, its your SUPreme Adventure.