28th November 2013 Llanwrtyd Wells Station

The Journey Begins.

The Train slipped away into the dawn early heading south skirting my Cambrian Mountain home. The Heart of Wales line swiftly carried me away from Llanwrtyd Wells the Home of Bog Snorkelling and while it was soon a distant place, it will always be very close to hand and heart.

snow waveMy first real Train journey in the 5 years I have lived there it signalled the beginning of my boldest Adventure yet.  A SUPreme   Adventure so to say. Water has always been a massive part of my soul. My new passion of Paddleboarding has drawn me back to the rivers and coasts of my teenage adventures.

I journey home to New Zealand to SUP my way through my New Zealand Bygone moments.

It wasn’t long till the green Welsh countryside was flashing past as the day light pushed the darkness of the Cambrian Mountains. A feeling of sadness, at leaving my home for such a long time, but a twinkle in my eye of the adventure ahead.

Winter in the Cambrian Mountains is cool crisp and clear. A amazing winter wonderland with gorgeous winter scenery.  Lakes, dams, rivers, trees the place is really alive with the winter snows and the countryside views are simply stunning.

I enjoy the winter in the Cambrian Mountains. Those that know me, know I like the challenge of a snowy mountain bike ride or walk in the deep snow on the Cambrian mountain. Out on the massive upland moors is such a beautiful and humbling experience.

SUP Go Explore New ZealandWhat is normally referred to as the green desert becomes a inhospitable and bleak white winter wilderness. For those that venture out in this weather fantastic snow wave sculptures can be found hanging onto tussocks and other plant life.

Snow blown in to the rivers soon add to the river ice that has formed around the rocks that piece the water’s surface.  As the river flows reduce, the upland waters freezing in the massive peat fields of the moorland, these rings of ice levitate above the river suspended from the rocks like some kind of flying saucer has landed on them.

But not this year, I head home to New Zealand.  Summer Sun, Family, Friends, Work, Adventure,  Oh and lots of Stand Up Paddle boarding.  Follow my New Zealand SUPreme Adventures as I go explore New Zealand.