20th December 2013 red paddle co

Travelling with a 12′ 6″ Paddle Board

red paddle coI was amazed, when I told some of my friends that I was taking my 12′ 6″ Explorer Red Paddle Co Stand Up Paddlebaord to New Zealand with me.  After all my adventures in the past year.  They still didn’t realized that the board I used was inflated with air. The Red Air Paddleboards are some of the toughest on the market, you can even drive a 4 x 4 over them and they are fine, Chuck them off the top of a warehouse and they are still good. Just undo the bung, let the air out, roll them up and put them in their specially designed carry sacks, put it on your back and your off.  Good to cycle and walk with or on a smooth surface the new bags have wheels on the bottom so makes for easy to tow behind you.  All the comfort of a top of the range Ruck Sack. Waist and chest belts to hold the comfortable shoulder straps in place.

red paddle coThe Bags where so easy to store in the boot of the car on the way to the station. On the train they fitted well in the luggage storage areas, Both sitting on their bottoms or laying on their backs.

When checking in the bags where easy to handle and fitted easier onto the check in scales.  Of course the check in staff didn’t believe me when I said that I was travelling with a 12′ 6″ stand up paddleboard.  The roomy Black and Red bags have plenty of room for extras, I managed to get a whole pile of clothes stuffed in around the rolled up board,  20kg in all.  The other bag carried a 2 piece paddle and the bulk kit that i wanted to take with me.  Not that I’m in a hurry to go home, But seriously, Its not a problem travelling with a Red Paddle Co Explorer 12’6″ Stand Up Paddleboard.


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