24th September 2011 Wolfs Leap Gorge.

Wolfs Leap Gorge.

wolfs-leap1Boys, Boats and Lots of rock pools. What ever your doing a great afternoon can be found exploring the wolfs leap gorge.  Hidden from view from the road and on this old drovers route.  This gorge turns the river on its edge, 3 to 4 ms wide as it goes in, and at its narrowest only the width of your shoulders at water level (low water).  The Gorge so named as the Wolves could jump the short distance over it and escape from the drovers.

wolfs-leap2When in flood the river builds up behind the fortressed flanks, the water level in the gorge rises an extra 4 to 5 ms in places when in flood. NB please be very careful approaching the edge of the gorge when in flood.

When the river is at low flow it is possible for the not so faint heart to swim through the gorge. People come from all over the country with their wild swimming book and towel just to dip their toes, whole body in this very cool water.  With the towering stone gorge above you and the dark peaty waters around you this is an exhilarating place for a swim.

wolfs-leap4The surrounding hills have amazing rock outcrops and formations.  Streams make their way to the valley floor down craggy vertical rock faces, dropping into small pools nestled in the ravens they have worn over millennia.

Take a day pack and tread the trails of the valley, search out the old mine workings hidden in tree lines, or walk the valley and picnic by the river.  Great up their when the suns out.

But if you want to be amazed by the Abergwesyn Common and Wolfs leap, Go when its chucking it down.