7th April 2012 World Bathtubbing

Welsh Open Bathtubbing Championships 2012 – 29th July

Llanelli,  Carmarthenshire will host this years Welsh Open Bathtubbing Championships.  On the 29th July we will take to the waters of the North Dock (Map).

Bathtubbing, The relaxing art of Kayaking in a bath is new to the town of Llanelli and Carmarthenshire. Having crossed the Border from Llanwrtyd Wells, Powys, the home of such great alternative events as Man V’s Horse Race, Bog Snorkelling and the Home of the first British Mountain Bike race.

-100m individual time trial,  Race against the stopwatch around our 100 metre circuit.

-Muilt Bathtub races 4 bathtubs racing at a time, once again around our 100 metre circuit.

-Synchronised Bathtubbing,  arguably the funniest of our events, 2 people in a Bathtub- facing each other one must paddle backwards while the other paddles forwards.  The pair must negotiate the 100metre course in the quickest time, oh and if you sink, your wet and your out of the event.

– In between races, you will be able to try out Coracles and Kawheelie’s.

All participants will receive participation medals and the top times will be awarded with the highest accolade,  The prestigious Bath tap.

You are welcome to join us and friends for this fun alternative activity day by, on or in the North Dock at Llanelli. We are planning to start at 11am and last Race is 4.30pm.  Come along and race one of our Bathtubs, or you are welcome to bring your own.  If you do decide to bring one from home, Please ask the home owner permission before removing any Baths from their homes.  We will need you to take it home again afterwards.

We will have prizes for the best fancy dressed Bathtubs or Bathtubber.  So get creative.

Wales will never be the same.  It will be just a little bit different!!!!

Every Participant receives a medal upon completing the Course.  Trophies will be awarded to the Top times of the day.

  • World Bathtubbing Championships, Bathtubbing entry. : £15.00
  • World Bathtubbing Championships, Bathtubbing & 4 Bathtub Race entry.: £20.00
  • World Bathtubbing Championships, Bathtubbing, 4 Bathtub Race & Synchronise Bathtubbing entry.: £20.00