14th September 2011 A Walk on the Black side, Mynydd Du.

A Walk on the Black side, Mynydd Du.

black1The Brecon Beacons National Park holds many wonders and lovely places to visit.  None more so than the Black Mountain, Mynydd Du.  On the western side of the National Park this amazing location is often left off the tourist map.  The mystery and magnificence of the majestic hillside slopes not experienced and past by. The Tourist preffering to by a postcard rather than experience the real location.

black3Amanda my walking partner and I set out on the appox 1hours Journey (from Llanwrtyd Wells) with high hopes that the typical Welsh Weather would improve for our chosen walk for the day.  Our aim to spend the day visiting the lakes of Llyn y Fan Fach and Fan Fawr, and walk the ridgelines of Waun Lefrith, Bannau Sir Gaer, Fan Foel and Fan Brycheiniog.  The cloud was down and the mountain was obscured as we arrived at the car park near Blaenau 798238.

This didn’t deter us. We lived in hope that the clouds would lift as the day lengthened.  We headed for the first of the lakes Fan Fach as we walked the service road to the  lake the clouds thinned a little to give some ideaas to what lay ahead, and on approaching the lake they rose to the skyline giving a great view  to Waun Lefrith.

black4It was such a pleasing view to arrive at the top of Waun Lefrith to see the clouds slip from the slopes of Bannau Sir Gaer.  Only to moments later to  desended once again hiding the magnificent s of this enormous scenery.  This was the tale of the day.  Clouds up,  Clouds down, Cool strong winds were blowing a wetting mist from the west. But this didn’t detract from the day.  In fact both Amanda and myself agreed that it made for a more fulfilling walk experience.

We were rewarded with the clouds lifting as we approached the high point of  Fan Brycheiniog. The views to Penn y Fan and out over the countryside of Powys and south to the channel were as far as the eye could see.  We descended through Bwlch Giedd to Llyn y Fan Fawr and walked along the base of the towering slopes above us.

Upon rounding the base of Fan Foel, the views to Llyn y Fan Fach,  Bannau Sir Gaer and Waun Lefrith were stunning as the sun forced its way trough the persistent cloud cover. As we descended to the car park returning glances revealed the stunning landscape we had missed on our approach to Mynydd Du that morning.

I’m glad the clouds were down as we arrived, this was one of the most amazing walks I have ever experienced. Little bits of the magnificent views unfolding as we moved around our route making it a surprise as to what you were going to see next.

To cap the day off we just had to stop of at The Farmyard Cafe at Blaenau 794241. The fresh cream tea was just what the Doctor ordered and completed an amazing day out in Wales.