14th June 2016 Achievable By All.

Achievable By All.

YRQ1Quite a few people have said that I’m mad.  Thinking I can do the Yukon River Quest on a SUP. Yep some of them who know me well, have the right knowledge of me and info to make that statement.

Mad because I want to paddle 444 miles or 715 kms down the Yukon River.  Well thats not an issue. Its quite achievable and anyone of a reasonable fitness and ability can do it, in their own time and at their own rate.

Mad because I have to carry all my food, camping and survival equipment with me on a 14 foot Stand Up Paddleboard.

And Mad because the Aim is to finish the journey inside 72hours !!!!!


There are 12 places on the Yukon River Quest for Stand Up Paddleboards this year. It’s an experiment to see if it’s possible for SUP to cover this distance with in the 72 hours that other paddle craft are allowed to complete the event.  The places were snapped up real quick.  So clearly quite a few people reckon it can be done.

Race winners from other international SUP events to adventure paddlers, there is a good mix of backgrounds, and both Male and Female paddlers.  But is it achievable I hear you ask.  Of course it is. Stay out there long enough and you would get it done in your own time and at your own pace.

But you can’t take as long as you want for this event.  This is technically a Kayak and Canoe Race that has offered SUP a chance to join in. Some  SUP paddlers come to race it, they want the fastest time. Others have come to do their best and to complete the event distance inside the allotted time.

Whichever it is, this is going to be an amazing journey for SUP.

And as I pack for this trip, No Adventure !!!!!  I’m a buzz with excitement.