19th April 2020 Mac Coast to Mac Coast Scotland 2015

Mac Coast To Mac Coast Scotland SUP Adventure 2015

After the Source to Sea on the Severn River our return to normal lives, showed us that there are a lot of things in life that aren’t really needed.  Don’t get me wrong they are great to have around but you don’t really really need them to survive. What we all noticed was that we […]

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13th April 2020 Rongahere Gorge Wild Descent River Tour 2015

Wild Descent 2015- The Clutha River SUP Tour Adventure

While training in Wanaka for the Coast to Coast event I heard of another Event on the Clutha River, I was gutted to hear that it had been planned to run it 2 weeks beforehand and the river was to high so it had been postponed. As a child I what always be captivated by […]

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6th April 2020 Iron Bridge River Severn Source to Sea

Source To Sea – River Severn

It was August Bank Holiday 2012 and I was doing what I do best. Well I am World Champion at it, with my Guinness Book of world Record title and All, Fastest man in a Bathtub over 100 m. Tristan Bawn, had been along to the World Bog snorkeling Championships in my Welsh home town […]

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