13th April 2020 Rongahere Gorge Wild Descent River Tour 2015

Wild Descent 2015- The Clutha River SUP Tour Adventure

While training in Wanaka for the Coast to Coast event I heard of another Event on the Clutha River, I was gutted to hear that it had been planned to run it 2 weeks beforehand and the river was to high so it had been postponed. As a child I what always be captivated by […]

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6th April 2020 Iron Bridge River Severn Source to Sea

Source To Sea – River Severn

It was August Bank Holiday 2012 and I was doing what I do best. Well I am World Champion at it, with my Guinness Book of world Record title and All, Fastest man in a Bathtub over 100 m. Tristan Bawn, had been along to the World Bog snorkeling Championships in my Welsh home town […]

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