29th June 2011 Brecon Canal Food Trail Report

Brecon Canal Food Trail Report

Rub a Dub Dub, One man and his Tub.

Brecon to Talybont in a Bathtub!!!!!

bathub1413Yes you would be expected to be surprised to spy a bathtub being paddled on a canal while you walked the amazingly beautiful countryside around Brecon at the weekend.  This weekend saw Tony Bain from Green Dragon Activities and a group of friends from around Wales, journey along the Brecon to Monmouthshire canal on the recently formed Brecon Food Canal Trail.

The unlikely group of paddlers, Bathtubs, coracle, kayaks accompanied by walkers and Mountain bikes on the towpath set out on the12km/ 7.5mile trail. The trail recently created by the Brecon Beacons National Parks and British Waterways to help promote the communities and local businesses in the villages along the canal.

The paddling was great on the quite still surface of the canal and we even managed to pass a canal boat that had run a ground on the shallow edges of the canal.  We had a chance to pass this canal boat a further 3 times in our journey.

Some of us made good time to Brynich lock for a photo opportunity with media photographers, while
one bathtub arrived on a mountain bike.  The friendly lock keeper was only to pleased to allow us to leave our avocado green Bathtub in his front garden for the afternoon as long as we promised to pick it up as we returned home.

bathub1416We happened upon a group of young men on the Brynich Aqua Duct doing their Duke of Edinburgh award.  As the bathtub rounded the end of the aqueduct they could believe their eyes.   Big smiles on their faces as I Paddled past saying “any one fancy a bath”, People on their Canal boats moored beyond rushingfor their cameras as we past commenting “in all my years on the canal” and “I have never seed the likes”. One chap painting his canal boat saying “could he use the bath to paint the sides of his boat” .

It was an arduous journey, Gorgeous Blues and Greens of the stunning Countryside bathed in the brilliant sunlight of the day. Sheep grazing on the water sides, fish lying in the shallows resting, mother ducks with ducklings diving for cover as a strange craft cruised by on the calm surface of the canal. The tree lined canal giving cool respite to the burning rays of the sun.

bathub1419The Village of Pencelli saw our belated lunch stop (1.55pm). We all climbed out of our various craft and ordered our lunch from the Village Pub.  After a much earned rest we returned to our journey.  We climbed on to Bikes, 2 paddlers in Kayaks and one man still in his bathtub.  After a short distance the Kayakers gave up and our now new friend from the Canal boat (we had past earlier on numerous occasions) offered to give them a tow to Talybont.

bathub1418While I paddled on, in what became a tortuous fight with leg cramps, but determined to makeTalybont to the finish where food and drink awaited with friends. After a drink, a great meal in a local pub and a chance to catch up on the events of the day,we all departed to our different parts of Wales. Some by cars, Bus for others. With all my kit, van and trailer for me.  The barman telling me that a local taxi service had a bike trailer if I couldn’t fit it all in.

A Journey of a lifetime with Great Fun, Great Scenery, Great Fun and Great Friends.  I’d recommended this as a fantastic day out in our Wonderful Welsh Wilderness.

We have  a few other Walks, Runs, Cycles, and Paddle journeys being planned in the next couple of months so watch out here on the Website or watch our Facebook Green Dragon activities page for further details. You are more than welcome to Journey with us as we explore Wales this summer.