30th March 2020 Green Dragon School North Wales Stand Up Paddleboard

Green Dragon Activity Store-March Madness Clearout

Well as March is nearly done and we aren’t looking to make anyone an April fool.  We have some special prices on our last years stock. Need to make space for some of this years models arriving soon.

Last years School boards, We have the OShea HDX range, these boards are last seasons, they have been well looked after, keep out of the harmful ultra violet of noon day sun in our insulated trailer trailer to reduce fading and unnecessary over expansion due to heat.  10’2″ rrp less 20% now £551.00 +pp,  10’6″  Yoga rrp less 20% now £ 559.00 +pp,   10’8″ rrp less 20% now £568 +pp,,,,,,,,,,,   We also have a NEW OShea 10’6″ still in the box and wrapped, rrp less 10% now  at £629 +pp

Green Dragon SUP School SUP SaleGreen Dragon Activities SUP School Board SaleGreen Dragon SUP School Board Sale








From other manufacturers

Halagear Atcha 8’6″  now £882.00 +pp,   Hala milligram now £637.00 +pp  and a Badfish Wavo, now at £507.00 +pp

All these boards have been used, but well looked after and therefore look pretty NEW.  All the boards come with they bags and pumps as supplied from their manufacturers.

Green Dragon SUP School Hala MilligramHala Atcha 86 inflatable SUPGreen Dragon Activities Stand Up Paddleboard







Green Dragon Activities Stand Up Paddleboard








We also have a Hala Peno and Hala Radito from 2019, still wrapped an unboxed Hala Peno rrp less 10% now £809 +pp,  Hala Radito  rrp less 10% now £809 +pp   There is still a NRS Quiver 9’8″ rrp less 20% now £980 +pp

Green Dragon SUP School Hala RaditoHala PenoGreen dragon SUP School Board Sale