11th February 2013 World Bathtubbing Championships,  Round 1, Christchurch, New Zealand, 9th Feb 2014

World Bathtubbing Championships, Round 1, Christchurch, New Zealand, 9th Feb 2014

Last year Green Dragon Activities held 3 events in the Uk and 1 in Chch.  It’s our 4th year of The Green Dragon Activities World Bathtubbing Championships. This year, we again start round 1 of  The World Bathtubbing Championships in Christchurch, New Zealand.     Click here to see our Funky Bathtubbing Clip.

The first heat will be held on the River Avon in association with Antigua Boat Sheds near the city center red zone in aid of the Canterbury Earthquake Children’s Trust.

Losing your toys and home when your an adult is bad enough, but when your a kid thats just to much. To lose a parent or family member its just not fair. While having a light hearted approach to life, We know we can’t change things but we would certainly like to help.

We do things “just a little bit different” Kayaking,  in a bath!!! Now seriously its great fun, kids just love it.  Adults find it a bit harder and twice as much fun.

The Green Dragon Activities World Bathtubbing Championships is a series of time trial races, the fastest around the course is the winner. Well everyone’s a winner really.  For once in your life, your meant to and even allowed, to keep the water on the outside of the bath.

There will be prizes on the day from our sponsors Unichem Pharmacies, Every Participant will receive a Green dragon activities World Bathtubbing Championships Certificate,  Supported by Englefield Bathroom Products,   Antigua Boat Sheds, More FM Canterbury.  Come along and Join the fun. Something “just a little bit Different” to do with your Sunday.  Racing starts at 10am. All money raised goes to the Canterbury Childrens Earthquake Trust.

To Register for the event please email to greendragonactivites@gmail.com  $10 paid on the day to enter, or you can ask your friends and family to sponsor you. print out our sponsorship form here.  The more you raise the more we help.

If you wish to donate to Canterbury Childrens Earthquake Trust to help them support the 66 Children that lost a parent in the Christchurch Earthquakes then please Give a little Here.

If you wish to have a question about the event please email us at greendragonactivities@gmail.com or look us up on our facebook page World Bathtubbing Championships.

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Click here to see our Funky Bathtubbing Clip.

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